Sales Intelligence Reports with Sage ERP

FayeBSG-MASLast month we talked about some of the different ways you could use Sage 100 ERP to enhance your business. Sage ERP (formerly, Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200) offers a variety of ways to enhance the program, and one of those in particular is the Sales Intelligence Reports enhancements. We mentioned that, “Sales Intelligence Reports can give you the tools you need to access critical system data quickly and intuitively.”

Today, we want to dig a little deeper into this Sage ERP enhancement because we think that the information this can provide for your business is outstanding. This enhancement can offer you and other managers the opportunity to learn more about critical system data. With access to this data, you can make informed business decisions that offer you the best chances for success in the future.

While there are other sales reporting options for Sage ERP, FayeBSG’s Sales Intelligence Reports is quick, easy to use, and allows you to manipulate data so it can be viewed in exactly the way you need to look at it. Of course, because this is a FayeBSG product, our programmers are available to help you make any changes to the enhancement that can help improve it for your business. We created this enhancement because we think the way it functions and what it can do can make a big difference for your business. Here are a few other things it can do:

  1. Make reports available from within Sage ERP. This feature makes sure you don’t have to go outside of the program to actually look at the information that you compiled. We think this is important so you don’t have to spend extra money on databases, synchronizations, or servers.
  2. Print sales reports based on a wide variety of criteria including, customer name, item, or product line. This ensures that you aren’t locked into getting a report in only one format. With this variety, you can compare different sets of reports to learn even more about your company’s sales.
  3. Sort reports alphabetically or in Top 10 or Top 20 lists. The kind of variety offered in reporting lists offers similar benefits to how you print your sales reports. You can either get all your information in alphabetical order, or if you just want to see the major successes, you can view it in through the Top 10 and Top 20 type lists.
  4. Print reports for the current month, current year, and previous year. Here again is a function that gives you plenty of information in your sales reports. You can compare your sales for the current month or year to the previous months and years to find out about the differences. By making this information so available and intuitive, it makes it easier to determine what may have caused successes and failures for your company’s sales.

We think our Sales Intelligence Reports enhancement for Sage ERP is the best sales reporting option for your business. Its speed, and easy to use interface make it accessible, and it provides valuable data in a myriad of ways that can boost your business. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about enhancing Sage ERP.