Use SugarCRM to Boost Your Marketing

SugarMobileCustomer relationship management (CRM) software can offer benefits to your business by making it easier to create and maintain relationships with your customers. Your company’s relationship with a customer can frequently begin with your marketing team and your marketing materials. With that in mind, the importance of making sure your CRM program includes marketing functionalities can become more evident. SugarCRM can help your marketing team with all aspects of a marketing campaign, from inception to analysis. Here are a few ways that SugarCRM and its marketing capabilities can give your company an advantage:

Easy to create marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are simple to create in SugarCRM, and the software even offers a Campaign Wizard that can assist in setting up and executing your campaign. SugarCRM makes sure that you can even set up multi-channel campaigns with ease. With easy to set up multi-channel campaigns, your marketing efforts can become even more effective. By making sure that your team can easily set up marketing campaigns, your employees can spend more time on creating great marketing materials than struggling with a complicated program.

Efficient lead management options

Once your campaign is in full swing, you’ll start getting leads to follow up on. SugarCRM makes handling marketing leads a cinch. With Sugar, you don’t need to have any programming knowledge to automatically have leads from the Web transferred into Sugar. This feature, like many others that Sugar offers can save your employees time by eliminating the need for tedious tasks. Once everything has been moved into Sugar, you can view all of the information that you want in the Leads module so you and your marketing team can give them a personalized approach when following up. If you’ve determined that you need to segment leads because of your sales objectives, you can do that too. Within the CRM software, you can also change your leads to opportunities to make sure they are followed up with in an appropriate manner.

Comprehensive marketing analytics

After a marketing campaign has ended, it is imperative to analyze what worked and what didn’t. Sugar has got you covered here too. With SugarCRM’s marketing analytics, you can learn what your return on investment was with your various marketing campaigns. Of course, this will also let you figure out which campaigns were successful and profitable. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about future campaigns and how to budget going forward. After a successful campaign has been identified, SugarCRM can let you easily recreate it, so you can use it again.

These are just a few of the ways that SugarCRM can help in your marketing efforts. Experience what SugarCRM can do for your marketing with a free 7 day trial.