Create an Email Template in SugarCRM

Email templates can be an invaluable resource to a business. With an email template, you and your employees can perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Quickly emailing a large number of customers
  • Easily responding to a large number of customers
  • Effortlessly sending marketing materials out for a campaign
  • Swiftly getting information to opportunities and leads from a campaign

Of course, that isn’t all an email template can be used for, but it should give you a good idea of just how useful they can be. If you’re using SugarCRM, you can create a SugarCRM email template that can help you in all aspects of your business. Here are the basics on how you can create an email template in SugarCRM:

  1. In the Emails module, go to Actions and click Create Email Template. If you are creating a template for an email marketing campaign, in your marketing campaign’s Detail View go to the Email Marketing Record and click Create.
  2. Next, select a Name for the template and then pick an Assigned Team. At this point, you can also choose a Type if you would like to switch between an Email and a Campaign.
  3. You can then decide on a Description of the template, the Subject for the email, and the message’s content in the Body.
  4. Once you’ve decided on a subject and body, click on the Insert Variable drop down list to pick a Record and the desired Fields and then press Insert. The feature can allow you to personalize your emails, even while sending them to a large number of people.
  5. For an email marketing campaign, if you are using a tracking URL, click Insert URL Reference and insert your tracking URL.
  6. If you would like to attach a file to the email, go to the Attachments field, click Browse, and choose the file you would like to attach. If you would like to insert a file into the email, click the paper clip icon next to the file instead.
  7. Finally, save the template. For a group mail account, the template will now be available in the Auto-Reply Template drop down list. For an email marketing campaign, go to the Marketing Email page and select it from the Email Template drop down list.

These steps will allow you to create your own email templates in SugarCRM, and hopefully, will make sending emails and managing email marketing campaigns easier for you and your employees. For more information on how you can create an email template in SugarCRM, check out this instructional video.