Survive and Thrive – SugarCRM End-of-Life Plan

Survive and Thrive – SugarCRM End-of-Life Plan

Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” The team at FayeBSG wants to help you thrive in the evolution of your company. In an effort to keep you one step ahead of your competition it is crucial to plan ahead for key Sugar version end-of-life (EOL) dates.

Why is this important? Imagine you logged in one morning to your non-supported 6.4 instance and you noticed a bug in your accounts module. If you were on a supported instance, you would simply submit a support case, and Sugar would release a patch to fix it. Now what you have to do is either live with the bug, or hire a programmer to fix it for you. Free support goes a long way!

SugarCRM often retires older versions of the Sugar application in order to continually provide clients with the most up-to-date, high quality product releases. Below you can find a list of currently supported versions and their EOL plan.

End-of-Life Plan

The Sugar End of Support plan applies to all On-Site versions and editions of the Sugar application, Sugar mobile solutions, and the Sugar Plug-ins and extensions. Currently, only the latest released versions of the Sugar Plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and IBM Lotus Notes are supported. After the End of Support dates below have passed, SugarCRM will no longer provide customer support, maintenance patches, or bug fixes for the listed versions.


Versions earlier than 6.5 are no longer supported. regularly for updates as dates are subject to change.

Upgrading to Supported Versions

To upgrade to the latest supported version, find upgrade packages on if you use Community Edition or Download Manager for all other editions. After downloading the appropriate upgrade files, upload and install them using the Upgrade Wizard in the Administration page in your Sugar instance. The most current versions of the Sugar plug-ins and extensions can also be found within the Download Manager.
If you run into any issues with upgrading, you can contact SugarCRM Support team by submitting a new case within the Case Tracker.