Manage Successful Customer Outcomes with SugarCRM

A couple of weeks ago we talked about understanding SugarCRM best practices. That blog discussed how you could use SugarCRM to understand more about your customers. The four best practices we recommended were focus on the customer, communicate between teams, work with your employees, and integrate your software. There are, of course, other best practices for Sugar, but we think those four are among the most important. They’re not just important in understanding your customers, but also in managing successful customer outcomes. Our webinar on December 10, CRM Best Practices to Understand and Manage Successful Customer Outcomes, will discuss this further, but here are some ideas on those best practices can help you manage successful outcomes with your customers:

Focus on the customer:

With the focus on the customer, you can manage your relationship with them through every interaction they have with your company. This relationship is vital to managing successful outcomes with your customers. If you’ve nurtured a relationship with your customers by putting the attention on them, you’ll be in a better position to create a successful outcome with them. If they know that your sales people are easy to talk to and your customer service team is extremely helpful, you should have an idea of whether they want to buy your product or work with you in the future. You can also learn if there have been missteps along the way and work to correct them so you have a favorable outcome. By making sure you’re focused on the customer, you can make sure that you manage a successful outcome with a customer.

Communicate between teams:

As discussed in the previous blog, you can help improve a customer’s relationship by easing a customer’s transitions from marketing to sales to customer service through good communication between your teams. That’s important in managing a successful outcome with a customer, but so is communication about the specific customer. If there are any special needs that a customer has, your teams can let each other know, so they can be accommodated. Good communication between your different teams can also help everyone in your company learn more about a customer and their wants and needs. By understanding these things and communicating them clearly, you can make sure your interactions with your customers have successful outcomes.

Work with your employees:

Working with your employees and making sure they’re at their best and providing them with the best resources can also be helpful in ensuring a positive end result with a customer. If your employees are knowledgeable about your products, customers, trends, and company they can be as helpful as possible with your customers and potential customers, you can allow them to guide their customer interactions to success for the customer and your business. If you’ve provided your employees with the best resources, like SugarCRM with its customizations and integrations, you make sure they do their job more smoothly and efficiently. Working at their best with the best resources can allow for a great customer experience, and can help your employees make sure they are successful in working with customers.

Integrate your software:

Another way to manage a successful customer outcome is by offering them the products that they want and need. By integrating other software with SugarCRM, you can provide customers with the most beneficial software for them. One example of this is our SugarCRM Integration Application which can let SugarCRM work with software that processes credit cards. Software like this can be very beneficial to your customers, and by offering them a product that they need to make their more business more successful can give your company insight into the outcome of your relationship with that customer.

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