5 Critical Components of CRM Software; The Advantages of SugarCRM

5 Critical Components of CRM Software; The Advantages of SugarCRM

When looking to purchase CRM software for your business, you want to make sure it is right for you, your employees, and your business. With that in mind, there are a number of components that are critical to successful CRM software. When considering using CRM software, you want to make sure that it works effectively for your sales, marketing, and support teams, that it can provide helpful reports, and that it can be customized to meet your needs. These critical CRM components can be a big factor in making sure that your business succeeds. SugarCRM comes with all of the following components and is FayeBSG’s CRM software of choice–we think it should be yours too.


A sales component is vital to great CRM software. Sales are the life of a business, so it is important that CRM software comes with a sales component, but also one that functions exactly how you want it to. With SugarCRM, all of your sales information is organized in a single system, so you and your employees don’t have to spend time looking all over the place for the right information, or even losing it. Sugar lets your employees personalize their homepage, and provides ways to manage opportunities, contacts, and accounts. With these features, you can improve the productivity of your sales team as a whole, as well as the individual members of the team.


While sales may be the life of a business, marketing is key to bringing in customers to make those sales too. Sugar provides a number of tools to help your business with its marketing efforts. One of those tools is the Campaign Wizard. Sugar’s Campaign Wizard can simplify how your business designs, executes, and tracks marketing campaigns. It can also be used to make sure campaigns are tested properly with correct suppression and list management. The marketing component of Sugar can help to keep your brand consistent across channels and campaigns.


As marketing is one key to bringing in customers, customer support is vital to keeping them. This is why it is important to have a customer support component in your CRM software that does exactly what you want. The customer service aspects of SugarCRM can allow your business to create a consistent customer experience, so they know what they will get when they call for support. Sugar’s support features include a central repository to store information on customers and products. This information can then be easily shared across teams, so the right person can deal with the issue.


With various components for sales, marketing, and support a reporting component in your CRM software is essential to make sure everyone is aware of what is going on. Sugar provides real time reports and dashboards for any kind of CRM metric you might want. With these you can monitor how effective and successful your various teams have been. These reports can be shared across teams, so you can let the whole company or even the different teams know how they are doing and what is expected of them in the future. These reports can be useful for looking at marketing analytics, sales trend reporting, and customer profiles.


The ability to customize your CRM software is critical because it can let your business function in the way that you need it to. SugarCRM can let you and your employees customize your CRM software to meet the needs of the company. Whether this is in what information is displayed on a dashboard or whom a report is sent to or what analytics are tracked, you have control over them all. This also extends to modifications that can be made to the software itself. Sugar allows integration with other software so you can combine it with a program that lets you easily deal with credit card information or one that lets your accounting software and CRM software work together.

These are components that are critical to the success of CRM software and SugarCRM has them all. You can learn more about how SugarCRM users found success because of the components provided to them by Sugar.

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