Understanding SugarCRM Best Practices

Our upcoming webinar, CRM Best Practices to Understand and Manage Successful Customer Outcomes, will discuss how the best practices in SugarCRM can benefit your business by allowing you to understand more about your customers. Just using customer relationship management software can provide some of these benefits, but using CRM best practices can make sure that you and your customers receive the greatest possible benefit. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, December 10 from 10:00-10:30 AM and you’ll be able to learn more about how CRM best practices can help manage successful customer outcomes. In the meantime, here are a few CRM best practices that we feel are particularly valuable:

Focus on the customer:

This is perhaps the most important best practice for CRM. If your business is using CRM software, you probably care about the relationship that you have with your customer. So make sure your focus is on the customer. CRM software lets you do this by allowing you to manage the relationship from the initial marketing stages, to when you make a sale, and then when you offer customer service. By being able to track the relationship from those initial stages, you can ensure that you’re focused on the customer every step of the way and build a strong bond with them. Building that strong bond through focus on the customer can provide big rewards in the form of returning customers.

Communicate between teams:

This best practice can really help to serve all aspects of customer relationship management. As discussed above, CRM software, like SugarCRM, can be used to build and strengthen a relationship with your customers from marketing to sales to customer service. By making sure that your teams are communicating with each other, it can make the customer’s transitions through those stages a more pleasant experience. On top of that benefit, communication between teams can offer improvements in other departments too. If a customer is talking with the customer service team and they mention a problem with their product, customer service can relay that back to the product team so it is fixed in a timely manner. If the product team comes up with a new feature, they can let the marketing team know about it through the CRM software so they can include it in future campaigns.

Work with your employees:

Working with, training, and providing additional tools to your employees is also a CRM best practice. While SugarCRM offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, it is still vital to train your employees on all aspects of the CRM software. This training can help them realize the full potential of CRM and CRM software, which they can use to create strong relationships with your customers. You can also work with your employees to figure out what may let them perform their job more efficiently. One way to help them in this way is by providing them with customizations and integrations that can let them work with information and each other in different ways.

Integrate your software:

We talk about this one all the time, but we really do love integrating software, so we consider this a best practice. Integrating SugarCRM with other software can provide benefits for your customers, your business, and your employees. For example, our SugarCRM Sage ERP Integration Application provides a combination of the leading open source CRM application and one of the leading accounting and ERP applications. This integration lets SugarCRM and Sage 100 ERP work together, so information can be shared between the two applications. This can let your employees focus on the customer, allow teams to communicate more easily, and let employees do their job more efficiently.

You can register for CRM Best Practices to Understand and Manage Successful Customer Outcomes on our website and learn more about this topic on Wednesday, December 10.