CRM for Your SMB with SugarCRM

While the title may be a little acronym heavy, the words behind the first acronym, customer relationship management, are as important as the words in the second, your small or medium sized business. At Faye Business Systems Group, we understand that one of the most vital aspects of your business are your customers. Customer relationship management and CRM software can help you manage those relationships, but also help in understanding your customers so you can deepen the relationships that you have them. With this deeper understanding of your customers, you can market to them more accurately, make stronger sales pitches, and offer customer service that meets their specific needs.

By managing your customer relationships and their needs, you can choose the best way to market your products or services to them and your future customers, whether it is through email, social media, or direct mail. While tracking the responses through these channels, you can learn more about what your customers want from your small or medium sized business while also generating leads. With that knowledge in hand, you can then choose the best method to make the sale. By monitoring the effectiveness of the methods used in the sales pitch, your business can gather even more information about customers, which you can use to create more specific and effective sales pitches in the future. The information gathered on your customers can be used to offer them specific customer service suited to their problems. CRM software can also be used to better track customer service requests so that your business is more effective in managing customer relationships.

Of course, software like this would not be beneficial if the cost wasn’t at a price point that provided serious value and a clear return on investment (ROI) for your SMB. This ROI is one of the reasons why we so strongly recommend SugarCRM. SugarCRM is an affordable solution for your SMB that allows you to better manage your relationships with your customers. Sugar is also a flexible piece of CRM software that can be customized to fit your needs, which is an area where we can assist. The customization options available with SugarCRM have allowed developers, including us, to develop integrations with software like QuickBooks, Sage 100 ERP, and Intacct to suit your needs, as well as your needs in servicing your customers. We’ve found that CRM software has been beneficial for us, and we think that you can find benefits for your organization as well.