What is Open Source Software?

Open-source software is software that has been made available by its copyright holders so anyone can examine, modify, and sell the software. This key feature allows developers to put their own spin on software that has been created as open-source. SugarCRM is a piece of open-source customer relationship management software, which allows us to modify it and integrate it with other programs. This is why we love it so much; we love modifying and integrating software to get it exactly what we want out of it. Because SugarCRM is an open-source program, we can modify it so our customers can do exactly what they want, and we can create integrations to provide to our customers so they get exactly what they need.

SugarCRM’s open-source nature gives us the ability to modify the program, which is important to us because it lets us modify your version of Sugar to make sure it can do whatever you want it to do. This allows us to do several things. First, we can help plan a custom installation of Sugar CRM with the features that you want and then install the software. Once the software has been installed, we can help train your employees on Sugar and what it  can do, as well as the modifications that have been made. If you already have Sugar installed, we can still make modifications that you may want and then train you on them. These modifications can help your business with increased revenue, decreased costs, and enhanced employee morale.

The benefits of open-source software can also be seen in SugarCRM’s ability to integrate with other software. As we’ve been able to dig into Sugar and work with its strong API (application programming interface), we were able to combine it with other software so you can get the best of both worlds. An example of this is our SugarCRM Sage ERP Integration Application. We were able to create an integration of SugarCRM and Sage ERP because SugarCRM’s open-source nature and robust API let us modify it so it could work with Sage ERP. Some of the benefits of this integration include avoiding double entry of customers in your CRM and accounting software and updating your CRM with sales information from your ERP software. Our other integrations made available because of Sugar’s open-source environment are the SugarCRM Intacct Integration Application, the SugarCRM QuickBooks Integration Application, the SugarCRM ConstantContact Integration Application, the SugarCRM Authorize.net Integration Application, and the SugarCRM JIRA Integration Application.

Of course, not everything has to make use of Sugar’s open-source code, but its availability can provide benefits for the software maker (Sugar), and for customers interested in expanding the Sugar application to scale new heights. The knowledge of SugarCRM’s code can prove beneficial for everyone because even if modifications are not necessary, it can be useful to understand how it works. With this understanding in hand, Sugar users can utilize its features more easily and make changes to the software as needed.

We think that open-source software is important because it can let us do what we love, which is customizing and integrating software.
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