SugarCRM-QuickBooks Integration: A Closer Look

If you are a QuickBooks user and a SugarCRM user then our integration is a great way to make your workflow easier. We developed this integration because we wanted to help organizations save time and money. You may already know some of the ways that the SugarCRM-QuickBooks integration can help you, including:

  • Two Way Sync between Sugar and QuickBooks
  • Syncs customers, inventory, invoice history, and sales orders
  • Enter quotes & sales orders into Sugar and have them appear in QuickBooks
  • Post invoices in QuickBooks and have them appear in Sugar (with line items)
  • Add new accounts in Sugar and have them appear in QuickBooks
  • Update customer addresses in QuickBooks and have them appear in Sugar
  • Be able to see inventory items, standard prices and costs, and quantity on hand in Sugar
  • Syncing can occur on a scheduler and defaults to every 10 minutes
  • Custom mapping of custom fields
  • Works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise
  • Works with Sugar hosted in the cloud or Sugar on an in-house server
  • Easy to install, easy to use



    Today, we are going to go through some additional questions that clients have asked, with answers from our developer Kyle Lowry.

    What happens in Sugar when I mark a product “inactive” in QuickBooks?
    By default, nothing happens when a Product record is marked Inactive in QuickBooks; inactive products are not deleted, so you always have visibility of your order history by products and other historical information. The “Inactive” flag, however, can be mapped to Sugar for display in the Product Catalog of SugarCRM.

    If a Quote that has been previously synced to QuickBooks is edited in Sugar, does that overwrite the previously synced Quote in QuickBooks?
    Once a Quote in SugarCRM has been sent to QuickBooks, any edits made to that Quote will not flow to QuickBooks. This helps ensure that all order information that is sent to QuickBooks is “final,” so your accounting team does not get confusing or changing information.

    How many integrations would it take to work on my system if I have many QuickBooks and Sugar users?
    The number of users in either system doesn’t matter! If you have one user or one hundred across SugarCRM and QuickBooks, the Integration will work for you with just a single license.

    I am hosting QuickBooks on a 3rd party server, will that still work for the integration?
    As long as you have the ability to use the Intuit Web Connector, it will work fine. Not every third party QuickBooks host has the Web Connector available, however. So check with your host.

    How do we add in fields to be mapped that are not included in the drop down menus?
    For SugarCRM fields – you just need to create a new field using SugarCRM Studio, and it will populate in the mapping screen. For QuickBooks fields –you would add a custom field to QuickBooks, and after a sync it would be available to the drop down on the mapping screen in SugarCRM. Mapping custom fields or changing existing mappings takes only a few clicks!

    Is our QuickBooks Integration is able to sync the advanced inventory module for inventory site tracking from QB’s into Sugar?
    Yes; for QuickBooks Enterprise with the Advanced Inventory plug-in, the QuickBooks Integration will bring in inventory levels for the multiple warehouses/sites. And this information on the Quotes order-entry screen in SugarCRM, giving your sales staff immediate visibility on your inventory levels.

    I am ready to purchase but am wondering about downloading the product… Should this be done on my individual PC or the server where the QB database is stored?
    You would want to download the file on whichever computer will be running the Web Connector. This single computer or server will run your syncs for you; no matter how many QuickBooks users you have, you only need to install the Integration once.

    Does the integration support purchase orders?
    Yes! This was a feature requested by some of our clients so our development team was able to include it on the latest release.


    If you are interested in our SugarCRM-QuickBooks Integration and are ready to purchase click here or if you have additional questions, please email for assistance.

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