SugarCRM Frequently Asked Questions For New Users

Is there a Sugar training manual?

Since everyone using Sugar configures it to meet their business needs, there is no way to make a universal training manual. But, we offer other forms of training that might meet your needs.

How do I search for other useful Sugar learning materials?

On the SugarCRM Support page, you can perform a key work search on the specific topic. We also have Knowledge Base (KB) articles, that can help you with troubleshooting problems and how to use specific areas in Sugar. Product Documentation is also available for end-users, administrators, and developers. You can also find documentation for the Sugar plug-ins and mobile access.

For Community Edition (CE) users, you can post questions and search for answers on the SugarCRM Community Forums, a online bulletin board.

Where can I access training videos?

We offer online training videos on the Training Videos and other resource videos, and webcasts and events.

I’m familiar with Sugar, but I want more in-depth training on Workflows and Campaigns?

We offers Training packages that might meet your needs. If you need more than just Workflows and Campaigns training, we provide an a-la-carte Admin Coaching Package that covers any configuration topic you’d like to learn. If you would rather purchase an hour of training at a time, we have an Hourly Rate. Email us now to make further enquiries

How do I find what edition and version of Sugar we are using?

The Edition and Version of your instance of Sugar is located on the About link in the System Links in the top right hand corner of your instance of Sugar. In some versions the System Links is located in a dropdown under your name on the navigation bar. On the About page, the Sugar Edition is at the top of the page (i.e,. Sugar Ultimate or Sugar Professional) and the version is listed next to it.

What training does SugarCRM offer to Community Edition (CE) customers?

For our CE customers, we offer Training Videos at no charge.

I’m having a problem with my Sugar instance. Who can help me?

For SugarCRM commerical customers, contact your Sugar Administrator (at your company/organization) and they can use the Case Tracker to contact our Support Team. For our CE customers, we provide a SugarCRM Community Forum to ask and answer CE customer questions.