SugarCRM – Archiving Emails to Sugar without a Plugin

If you’re looking for a simple way to archive emails to your SugarCRM instance, we have the solution for you! Sugar provides every customer with an email archiving address, which gives you the ability to archive emails to Sugar from any device at any time.

First, you must enable email archiving. To do this, go to  Admin  Email Archiving. You will then need to agree to the terms, and enable email archiving.

Once you have enabled email archiving, you are now able to archive emails to Sugar by bcc’ing the email address provided by SugarCRM. Here’s how it works:

•Whenever you want to archive an email to Sugar, simply place the Sugar provided email address in the ‘bcc’ field of the email. As you start using the email archiving tool more and more, your email client will most likely fill in the email address for you after a few characters are inputted.
•Every time you send an email including the Sugar provided email address, Sugar’s tool will automatically scan your Sugar database, and archive the email correspondence to any record where it finds a matching email address in the ‘to’ or ‘cc’ of the email. If no match is found, the email will not get archived in the Sugar database.
•The emails will get archived to the history sub-panel of wherever the email address lives (e.g. Account, case, opportunity, lead).

It’s that easy! If you’re looking for a more robust integration with Outlook or Gmail, we would recommend the free outlook plugin, or Collabspot, the robust Gmail integration. But if you’re just looking for a simple way to archive outgoing email correspondence, then the Sugar email archiving tool is perfect for your needs!