Select the Right CRM Software

When choosing CRM software for your company, you want to choose a program that lets you manage your customer relationships the way you want to, but also one that can help you better understand them. On top of these functions, you want a CRM program that can allows your employees to bring in more customers, make more sales, and support customers more effectively. The right customer relationship management software can make a real difference for your business with many positive benefits.

The right CRM solution for your business can allow you to efficiently and easily manage relationships with your customers. As a basic function it should have a contact list with all the information you have available on your customers. With this information available, your and all of your employees can reference it whenever you need to assist a customer. All of your employees can access this information because it can easily be shared across all teams. If you need to control sensitive information, you can restrict access so only employees who need to see the information can.

Other benefits related to customer information include the ability to automatically associate contacts with opportunities and accounts. After the information has been automatically associated, it can be easier for your sales and customer service teams to understand the relationship that your business has with that customer. To do this, they may look at what marketing campaign brought them in, what products they bought, and a complete view of their support history. As your employees come to learn more about your customers and better understand them, they can make more effective sales and offer better customer service.

With the best CRM program for your business, you will be able to utilize the information and understandings gained to help your marketing, sales, and customer service teams. The better understanding will let your marketing team target their campaigns more precisely so they can achieve a better ROI for their efforts. Your sales team will be able to understand just what a customer needs so they can focus on selling the products that will help the customer satisfy those needs. Customer service teams can also benefit by being able to reference any problem a customer has had in the past so that they can help other customers with a similar problem.

SugarCRM is the right CRM program for our business, and we think it can be the right one for your business as well. Sugar can provide all of the features discussed above, as well as many others, including a Campaign Wizard to help with marketing, sales forecasting, and a self-service portal for customers. However, this isn’t all Sugar can do. It can also be integrated with other software to provide even greater benefits for your business. We provide the SugarCRM Sage ERP Integration Application to meet your CRM and ERP needs in one program. We provide the SugarCRM Integration Application so you can process credit cards through your CRM. And we provide the SugarCRM JIRA Integration Application so you can manage products through Sugar.

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