Why You Should Integrate Your CRM and ERP Software

Last week we talked about how to select the right CRM and ERP software for your business. Selecting the right program for your business can make it easier to manage both your business and your customers. We also mentioned that our software of choice, SugarCRM and Sage 100 ERP, could be easily integrated with other software. Integrating your CRM and ERP software can provide additional benefits to your business by letting the two pieces of software work together. Here are a few reasons why you should integrate your CRM and ERP software:

  1. Integrating your CRM and ERP software can help eliminate the double entry of customers in both programs. This feature can also ensure that only one entry is needed, but both programs can use it. These features can provide several benefits for your employees. The first is that they do not need to spend as much time entering records into their CRM program and their ERP program. The second is that they can avoid confusion when looking for a customer’s contact information in either program and make sure they’re not contacting a customer multiple times. These benefits will let them work more efficiently.
  2. The double of entry of customer information is not the only double entry problem that integrated CRM and ERP software can prevent. With integrated software, you can avoid the double entry of quotes and sales orders in your CRM and ERP software. Again, this can help employees save time because they do not have to enter the information into both programs. If the information has already been entered into both programs, it can help by eliminating it to avoid confusion at a later date.
  3. With integrated CRM and ERP software, your CRM software can receive updates from your ERP software with a customer’s sales history and credit information. With the CRM software receiving these updates from the ERP software, your employees will not have to take the time to manually transfer the information between the two programs. Once this information is in the CRM program, your sales teams can use it to make sales easier by having easy access to the customer’s sales history. Your marketing team can also use it create more accurately targeted campaigns.FayeBSG-MAS
  4. Another benefit of integrating CRM and ERP software is the availability of all the integrated information in one location. All customer information can be found in sub modules in the larger accounts module. Any information on products, customers, and sales can be used in list views, detailed views, and the various dashboards so you and your employees can access the exact information you need, when you need it. This can help employees stay organized by offering all necessary information in one convenient place. They can also save time by not having to switch programs to find what they’re looking for.

There are clear benefits to integrating your CRM and ERP software into one program, and we believe that program is our SugarCRM Sage ERP Integration Application. By integrating SugarCRM and Sage 100 ERP, we can offer a combination of the most trusted names in enterprise software for your business.

Learn more about FayeBSG’s SugarCRM Sage ERP Integration Application in this video.