Sugar Rush: Improve Your Sales with SugarCRM

Have you had a Sugar rush lately? I’m not talking about an eating all the candy you bought for Halloween instead of giving it to trick or treaters sugar rush. I’m talking about a SugarCRM rush. Getting a rush of SugarCRM to your company will help improve your sales with one of the leading applications in customer relationship management solutions. SugarCRM can improve your sales by offering benefits that allow for better customer relationship management that can let your sales representatives, sales managers, and ultimately, your business, flourish. A SugarCRM rush is like eating all of your candy without having to worry about crashing later.

SugarCRM provides an intuitive system for your sales representatives and sales managers to use. Sugar offers an easy-to-use interface that can be easily navigated. This same pattern continues on to the forms, which are short and can filled out quickly with the necessary information. Sales representatives can use this intuitive interface to save time and spend more time making sales. Sales managers can make us of the interface to easily run reports on their sales team and determine what needs to be done to make more sales. They can also share these reports with their sales team to show them where they can improve and with the executive team to demonstrate how the sales team has performed. SugarCRM’s easy-to-use interface is enhanced with the option for every user to personalize their dashboard. With a personalized dashboard, your sales team can see the information that they need at all times and can provide a better experience for customers who they are selling to.

Sugar can offer the rush you need with management options for opportunities, contacts, and accounts. SugarCRM’s opportunity management capabilities let your sales representatives view all information regarding an opportunity in one location and can let them gain additional info with custom fields. With excellent opportunity management options, your sales team can bring in more contacts.

Sugar can help with this as well. Managing contacts with this customer relationship management program is simple and elegant. Contact information can be shared across teams easily, so everyone can work together to make sales, and contacts can be automatically associated with opportunities and accounts. Duplicate entries can be removed by Sugar so your contact lists remains clean and your sales team doesn’t have to sift through a large contact list to find the one that they need.

Once contacts and opportunities have been converted into sales and accounts, Sugar can provide account management tools. These tools can let your sales team understand the status of an account and the relationship your business has with them. The initial sales representative can transfer all of the knowledge about an account to your customer support team. While this may not have an immediate impact on sales, excellent customer support made better by all the knowledge on an account, can increase sales with that account at a later date. Customer support isn’t the only team outside of sales that can benefit from Sugar’s account management options; marketing can gain advantages too. Your marketing team can use the sales information to report on and communicate with customers, partners, and prospects. By using what the sales team has gained, marketing can help to bring in future sales.

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