Help Your Marketing Team with CRM Software

CRM software can help your sales and customer service teams, but what about the step before sales? Marketing is essential to bringing in customers so your sales team can make sales and your customer service team can provide service. Customer relationship management software can help your marketing team in this process by making it easier for them to create, track, and analyze marketing campaigns. It can also help them achieve a bigger return on investment for their efforts.

With the right customer relationship management software, your marketing team can have an easier time creating, tracking, and analyzing their campaigns. A CRM program can make it easier to create a campaign that reaches all of the disciplines and channels you are interested in targeting. This includes broadcast marketing, direct marketing, and lead nurturing, as well as email marketing, online advertising, event planning, search engine marketing, and telesales programs. Any leads that are generated from marketing campaigns using the various channels can automatically be entered into the CRM system. The benefits of such a system are twofold; your employees can manage multiple and widespread campaigns from one location and they avoid having to manually enter leads into a database.

Our CRM of choice, SugarCRM, can simplify this process even further by offering a Campaign Wizard. Sugar’s Campaign Wizard offers your marketing team a simple way to design, execute, and track marketing campaigns. With less time spent on setting up a campaign, there can be a greater ROI for your team. The Campaign Wizard can also ensure proper testing, suppression, and list management so your marketing campaigns can work exactly as you want them to. With this feature you can also see marketing activity in real time and get up to date ROI reports.

Email marketing can provide a specific example of what a CRM program can provide for your business. With SugarCRM, your marketing team can ensure that campaigns are consistent and can coordinate them across different customer channels. From that point they can monitor the campaign and make sure that offers reach the people they are supposed to. After the offers bring in opportunities, the opportunities can be assigned to a campaign lead who can best assist them. The CRM software can also be used to control a list of who has opted in or out of a marketing campaign. While other programs may provide similar features, CRM programs can offer these all in one package that can be easily shared between team members. This can make the process easier and it can also make marketing more efficient so as to provide a bigger return on investment.

Once your marketing has brought in leads, the CRM software can be used to manage those leads. SugarCRM can automate the process of importing leads from the Internet into Sugar without the need to understand programming. These leads can be segmented based on sales objectives and converted to opportunities so that a member of the sales team can follow up with the appropriate response. A successful campaign that has resulted in leads and opportunities can be easily replicated so it can be used again in the future.

The benefits of customer relationship management software for your marketing team are clear. Software like SugarCRM can help to make the marketing process easier and more efficient. And a more efficient marketing team can increase your ROI tremendously.