Four Reasons to Upgrade to Sugar 7

SugarCRM has recently released a new version of their customer relationship management software. Sugar 7, the upgrade to SugarCRM, overhauled much of what had been present in older versions of the program. With this upgrade, the Sugar platform has shifted away from the more traditional model of managing the sales team and instead “focuses first on the needs of the user who interacts 1-1 with the customer.” This increased focus on the customer and employees who interact with customers can help improve customer relationships and improve how employees do their job. With that said, here are four reasons why you should upgrade to Sugar 7:

  1. Sugar 7 is smart. It offers a new Intelligence Panel that is embedded in the program. This Intelligence Panel can let you look at every bit of “business, online, and social customer intelligence” your company has acquired. With the intelligence your company has gained, you and your employees using Sugar can quickly and easily look up information on customers that you are working with. The dashboards that are built into the Intelligence Panel can be personalized by each user so that they can see exactly the information they need and want to see. This ensures that they can keep their focus on the customer instead of a busy user interface.
  2. Sugar 7 is fast.  The new version of Sugar was rebuilt to make sure it could work at the speed that businesses need. It utilizes HTML5 to run quickly and efficiently on all of your devices, including tablets, smart phones, and other computers. The redesigned user interface lets you work rapidly and stay up to date on your customers to make sure their needs are met.
  3. Sugar 7 is social. The program’s updated activity streams combine “social networking and internal collaboration” to provide real time updates on your customers and accounts. In contrast with normal social networking tools, Sugar 7 lets your employees monitor activity from the perspective of the customer. This benefits both employees and customers by keeping them on the same page and can make sure the customer gets precisely what they want. Sugar 7 is also built so that it can work together with any third party tools that your company may be using to make sure you can keep using them with SugarCRM.
  4. Sugar 7 is mobile. As mentioned above, Sugar has been designed to work on your mobile devices. SugarCRM Mobile can let you “manage activities, accounts, and opportunities” from your mobile device so you can keep working even when you have to be on the go. The SugarCRM Mobile app works on iPhones and Android devices, and there is also a native app for Blackberry devices, so it doesn’t matter what type of device you’re using. The mobile app provides all the benefits of Sugar, wherever you are.

The upgrades to SugarCRM can improve your ability to manage customer relationships with new features, including the Intelligence Panel and social activity, along with a faster speed. If you’re interested in learning more about SugarCRM and Sugar 7, you can attend The  SugarCRM World Tour when it visits your city.
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