CRM Software Can Make a Difference

CRM software can make a difference for your business. It can do this by making it easier for your marketing team to bring in customers, for your sales team to make sales, and for your customer service team to help customers. Of course, for CRM software to really make a difference for your business, it should help all of your teams work together too. The CRM program we prefer, SugarCRM, can let your whole business and all of your teams work together, as well as letting each of your teams perform better on their own. We believe that this can make a positive difference for your business.

A CRM solution can help your marketing team in a variety of ways. One way is in how it can make it easier to create, track, and analyze marketing campaigns. This can let your marketers manage their campaigns from one location, while also saving time that might be spent organizing a database of potential customers and campaigns. Sugar’s Campaign Wizard can help in these situations with tools to design, execute, and track your company’s campaigns. The Campaign Wizard can also help in testing marketing materials before they are sent out across whatever channels you choose and in managing exactly who they are sent out to.

Your sales team can also benefit from customer relationship management software. With this, sales team members can display the information most important to them and choose to have them update regularly. By having this information available in real time, it can become easier to convert opportunities into sales. CRM software can also make it easier to manage your company’s contact list. Sugar automatically removes duplicate contacts and has access controls for every team member so employees can see just what they need to see. Account management options allow employees to see the relationships that your business has with different accounts so they can focus their sales.

Once marketing and sales have brought in new customers, a CRM program can help your customer service team in assisting them. SugarCRM can provide a central location to store all information on problems customers may have experience and the solutions provided by customer service. With Sugar, this is implemented in an easy-to-use Wiki format so any employee can manage the content. This can let you keep track of your company’s support history so it can be used to solve problems that may arise in the future.

As mentioned above, these benefits to individual teams are helpful, but CRM software can make a difference for your company when the different teams can work together. With a CRM program, your marketing, sales, and customer service teams, as well as any other teams can share information. For instance, an employee in customer service could hear of a problem with a product and share that with the product team. Or the sales team could let marketing know if they found a campaign was particularly effective. The ability to share information quickly and easily across all teams is how CRM software can make a real difference for your company.

To see how CRM software can make a difference at your company, try SugarCRM free for 7 days.