How to Setup SugarCRM Users

One of the most common calls I get from clients are problems with setting up new SugarCRM users. In this post, I will walk you through the two-step process of creating SugarCRM users.

SugarCRM allows you to use your email server for sending email notifications and workflow alerts based on the data in SugarCRM. When setting up users in Sugar, Sugar also uses this same email functionality to automatically send out an email with login details to all new users that have been created. So in order to set-up new or initial users, you will need to configure your email settings first.

In order to do that, login to Sugar (you must be an admin user), click on Admin  Email settings

If your company uses Microsoft Exchange, you can certainly use Exchange for your outgoing email notifications, but if you’re familiar with Microsoft Exchange, that could get a little messy dealing with all of your server details. We recommend creating a company-wide Gmail account specifically for Sugar email alerts, e.g.

If you choose to go the Gmail route, all you need to do is enter your Gmail username, your password, sent a test email to confirm your settings work, and you’re now ready to set-up users.

Now that your email settings are configured, just go to Admin  User Management to create new users. Once you are in the create user screen, you have to create a user name, enter their first/last name as well as determine the user type. The user type is important, because a regular user can’t make system wide changes, but an administrator can do anything they want. So be careful when you determine who to make an administrator user. The last step is entering in their email address. The email address entered is the same email address that will receive the login credentials.

Once you create the user and click save, the user will then receive an email like the one below:

Now that you know how to create your own users, it’s time to get back to the ROI of SugarCRM!