Use CRM Software to Provide Better Customer Service

Customer service can make or break a company and the difference can often be in whether or not your customers feel valued and like they’re being heard. CRM (customer relationship management) software can help your business provide better customer service by putting more of the focus on the customer and their problems or questions, so that they do feel like they’re valued. Being able to focus primarily on the customer can ensure that current customers are retained and, hopefully, that brand new customers are brought in after being impressed by excellent customer service.

The right CRM solution for your business can provide a hub for customer support and product issues. With this, all teams from customer service to product development to marketing to management can share their knowledge and how they have resolved problems, with each other. As the common problems and resolutions are at their fingertips, your employees don’t have to waste time trying to determine what the problem is or how to solve it, they can get straight to helping the customer. To make this even easier on employees, a Wiki-like interface can be implemented so that they can all help to manage the content that has been gathered to help customers. Again, this frees employees up to spend more time helping customers and less time looking for a way to help them.

By compiling all of this information with CRM software, a full view of your company’s support request history can be seen, which provides several benefits. The first is that records on each customer can be kept so all employees can be aware of any problems they may have had and how those problems were solved. This can be used to better serve them in the future, should the need arise. The second benefit is for employees, who can escalate any unresolved issues. When an employee finds an issue that is unresolved, they can take the initiative and escalate it if they are unable to solve the problem with the information available to them. After it reaches an employee who can help, they can contact the customer to resolve the issue and provide the service they need in a timely manner. The third benefit is the ability to monitor the effectiveness of responses to customer service issues. This information can help employees realize what a customer found helpful and what they did not, and if they were satisfied with the outcome. A study of these responses would offer a guide to how to improve customer service.

CRM products like SugarCRM can even provide an effective customer service option. Sugar can allow your company to make parts of the previously mentioned hub available to your customers for self-service. A self-service portal may not be effective for everyone, but it can provide an opportunity for customers to help themselves before contacting customer service. With a self-service portal, customers can log their own cases, upload relevant information, and track their case to resolution. Customers may find that they prefer a system like this so they can solve their own issues, which means that your company may receive fewer calls from customers, and can offer better service to those who do call.

CRM programs can help your employees compile any information they need to help customers and track the best way to provide that information. By taking the pressure off the employees, they can focus on the customer, which is exactly where we think customer service should be focused.