The Software You’ve Always Wanted

We say “Welcome to the software you’ve always wanted….” Yet, what is the software “you’ve always wanted”? It’s kind of like…Kool-Aid….

Most people probably dream about fun stuff like vacations, beaches, being a hero, hitting a game winning shot, lollipops and rainbows…you know, the usual. At FayeBSG, we dream about software (and cute little bunnies, but that’s another story). When we dream about software, we dream about things like:

• Software that is open and customizable without limits.
• Software that can be installed on a server in our office OR it can be hosted somewhere else.
• Software that can run through any browser and on any mobile device.
• Software that is reasonably priced, either at a per user price point that most companies can afford or at a price point not based on users.
• Software that is feature rich out of the box.
• Software that has a strong company behind it.

We believe that software that meets these criteria can not only help our organizations meet the needs of today, but can also cost effectively grow with us into the future. And, that’s the trick, isn’t it?

When we implement software today, we only know what we know today. But what about tomorrow? And the next day? We don’t always know what the future holds. Do we really want to risk getting deeply mired in a software package that works today, but can’t meet our needs tomorrow? No software is going to meet 100% of our needs right out of the box. The trick is to find software that’s flexible enough to close the gap. And, one that works the way we work today, or how we might work tomorrow.

Software without source code access doesn’t give me the piece of my mind I need to know that no matter what happens, I can control the software that I bought (or licensed). A lot of software publishers (who don’t provide source code access) will present lots of very sensible arguments why you shouldn’t have source code or why you shouldn’t need source code. Isn’t that like selling me a house, but not letting me have the blueprints? Or, worse, isn’t it also like selling me a house but not letting me go into the crawl space underneath the house? The seller of the house would say “oh…don’t worry, you’ll never have a need to go under the house. Everything you need is in the house or above the house.” Really, what if there’s an earthquake?

Software that doesn’t give me the choice of hosting in my office or hosting in the cloud doesn’t meet my needs. How does a software publisher know the best place for me to house my software? Does the software publisher know my business as well as me? And, what if my business model is to have the software in my office today, but then I want it in the cloud later? Or, the opposite? I don’t want a software publisher limiting my flexibility or my ability to compete in my market as I see fit.

Almost by definition, software that has source code access and gives me hosting options is generally produced by open and collaborative companies. Companies that listen to their customers. These are companies with whom we also want to do business.

So, that’s it then. To recap, we believe the software you’ve always wanted is open, customizable, hosting agnostic, feature rich, reasonably priced, and backed by a great company.

We’re committed to selling, implementing, supporting, and developing the software you’ve always wanted here at FayeBSG. Because, really, it’s the software we’ve always wanted too. We drink the Kool-Aid we serve.