Why Failure is Good for Success. Learn From Failed CRM Implementations

The Top 10 Reasons Why CRM Software Implementations Fail.CRM Failure

To achieve the greatest success, you have to embrace the prospect of failure.
The sweetest victory is said to be the one that’s most difficult to achieve. But you don’t have to make it difficult for yourself,  if you take into consideration and learn from others experiences and more importantly their mistakes and failures.  It is these failures that become the stepping stones for success.

Few companies on the market today achieve successful software implementations on the first try.   Most of the time, the reason for failure has little to do with the actual software itself.  This is true for CRM software, Accounting & ERP software… pretty much any substantive type of software project to be implemented.   In the US, a recent study estimates that over half of all CRM implementations fail to meet their objectives. In Europe, the corresponding statistic is 70%–80. Educated people and companies can avoid becoming a statistic, through education and knowing why companies are failing to successfully implement software systems.

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