Software for the World We Live In

The world for business software is different now.    This seems obvious and trivial to most of us.    But it bears repeating.   Software has to be different today than it was 20 or even 10 years ago.   It has to support the world we live in and the people who live in it.     This is true for CRM software, ERP software, accounting software, or any other kind of business application that helps us run our companies more effectively.

This means the software has to be available via mobile devices, because we all don’t work at a desk anymore.   It has to run through a browser so you can access the software anytime, anywhere.    The fact that it runs through a browser doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be “in the cloud”, but you need to have that option.   In fact, we prefer products where I have the option to host it on my own server, host it in a private cloud, or host it with the software provider.   This way, I can use it in the way that makes the most sense for my business.

The software has to be easily integrated with other kinds of software, because we live in a world that is more automated and more connected than ever before.   You can’t have software that doesn’t easily talk with other software.

The application has to be cost effective.   That’s not to say it needs to be cheap, but it can’t be overpriced either.  It needs to be affordable for most businesses.    Today there are too many options at too many different price points to be able to stand for ridiculously expense software.

It has to be easy to use, and perhaps more importantly, easy and fast to get up and running.    Our world is moving faster than ever.   Our businesses have more competition than ever.   We can’t wait around for six month or perhaps even three month implementations to “get up and running”.

It has to be powerful with the features we need to effectively run our businesses.     It would be great for the product to have loads of sophisticated and advanced features, but not at the expense of ease of use or ease of implementation.

The software has to be 100% customizable.   Our businesses are not cookie cutter.  Why should we be forced into using cookie cutter software?    My competitive advantage as a business owner is to “customize” my business in a way that the competition either can’t or won’t.  The days are over where we were forced to shove a square peg into a round hole.   I should be able to customize my square peg into a round peg if that’s what I want.   I shouldn’t be told “sorry…the software doesn’t do that.”    As an industry, we need to move beyond that response.

The software has to be produced by a company that is stable and is an industry leader.    We don’t want to be implementing software for our clients, and then find out that the software company has gone belly up.    Does the company invest in product development and deliver upgrades and updates on a consistent schedule?

These are the standards to which we hold ourselves when we align our organization with software packages to resell and integrate.    And, our strategy as a software company and consulting organization is to only sell, support, and implement software that meets these standards.   Make no mistake about it.   We Love Software.    That’s what this is all about.

At the end of the day, our strategy is to partner with industry leaders who produce applications that are feature rich, 100% customizable, easily integrated with other software, cloud based, and with flexible hosting options.    We believe that software with these features can have the greatest positive impact on growing companies.  This is the type of software needed for the world we live in…today.