Why Integrate JIRA with Sugar?

What is Project and Issue Tracking Software and what are the benefits?

Project Management and Issue Tracking software refers to a software package designed to focus on all challenges that require managing within a company. It can be used for both internal project tracking and tracking incoming client or customer projects and issues.

Key Benefits of Issue/Project Tracking Software:

  • Visibility of unresolved issues
  • Defining an issue cycle based on various stages
  • Organize how project members deal with issues
  • Access to resolutions
  • Set notification patterns
  • Improve productivity
  • Avoid  wasting time
  • Keeping track of the users who are assigned to issues/projects
  • Status of an issue/project
  • Communicates who does what and how
  •  Shows complete history of an issue
  • Provides a knowledge base, allowing procedures of a similar issue to be accessed
  • Generates performance reports

JIRA is a project tracker for teams planning, building, and launching products, their products help teams of all sizes track and share everything. JIRA is designed to connect teams with development tasks including; bug tracking, feature creation, agile planning, and activity monitoring.   JIRA is currently used by more than 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Companies of all sizes, use JIRA to easily capture and organize issues, prioritize tasks, take action and stay up-to-date with team activity.


Why Integrate your Project Management Solution with CRM Software?

You will be able to see, access and receive alerts while accessing vital client information within your CRM system without having to log into both your CRM and Issue management solutions.

Stay On Top of Issues
Instant notification can be assigned to critical issues that might require your immediate attention .

Engage Your Customers
Customers are able to view the issue and receive notifications through the resolution process.

Collaborate With Your Team
Members of your organization can collaborate with you on issues and projects to streamline communications and track progress of related tasks.

Improve Satisfaction
Workflow tool moves issues through the resolution process.

Understand Your Customers
Measure customer satisfaction through reports and charting tools.

Manage More Effectively
Manage project tasks and action items related to the day to day operations of your organization.

With the ability to:

  • View and access critical Issues from your CRM Dashboard
  • Receive critical Issue alerts from within your CRM
  • View your Issues as a list from within your CRM
  • Search your Issues from within your CRM
  • View Issue details from within your CRM


Integrating JIRA with SugarCRM

The FayeBSG SugarCRM JIRA Integration Application gives users the ability to monitor and track JIRA issues from within the SugarCRM Ecosystem.   CRM users can use dashboards and other standard Sugar tools to stay abreast of critical project developments from within Sugar, being able to look at issues by account, by type, and by priority.   A Critical Issues Dashboard has been created for the Sugar home screen to allow users to be alerted when any issue becomes in danger of going over budget or past due.

The integration includes the ability to add and edit JIRA issues from within Sugar as well as a new “Time Billing Module”, a stand-alone, browser interfaced, secure, time invoicing system, to capture staffs’ billable time, calculate hourly rates, and generate invoices and reports.   All of this will have visibility within Sugar.

The FayeBSG SugarCRM JIRA Integration Application  helps to streamline the issue status notification process and make critical information visible and timely across the enterprise.     It connects development and project management with the sales team so the sales team has a truly 360 degree view of a customer.   Imagine your sales team being able to walk into any customer’s office with issue and project status at their fingertips along with all the other critical CRM data available in Sugar.    This is the beauty and power of the integration.

Contact us for more information, more details, or a one on one demonstration. Email info@fayebsy.com

Get a first look at the integration, as FayeBSG will be hosting a webinar at 10.30am (PST), on Tuesday, June 18th 2013, to show how integrating SugarCRM with JIRA project management software will increase efficiency and productivity. To register Click Here

Sugar JIRA Integration Webinar

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Sugar JIRA Dashlet View

Sugar JIRA Dashlets

View JIRA Issues List in Sugar

Sugar JIRA Issues

Search JIRA Issues from within Sugar

Sugar JIRA Search JIRA Issues

View JIRA Issue details within Sugar

Sugar JIRA Changes to Quotes Module


For more information or to register your interest please email info@fayebsg.com


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