The Importance of Documenting Your Lead Source. How to Create New Lead Source Categories In SugarCRM?

Why is documenting your Lead Source so important?

Lead source should be considered one of the most important marketing metrics to track, especially as sales and marketing collaborate to align more closely.

How someone came about finding your company or product is important information that should be documented every time. If tracked correctly and consistently, it will provide your company with the insight into how visitors, buyers and customers hear about you, and interact with you.

Knowing what works and what is your primary source for generating leads will put you at an advantage. It will allow you to better determine where to focus your time, energy, and money when it comes to marketing your products and services.

Consumers now have access to more channels than ever, this has resulted in a Lead Sources Evolution – if you like.   The more detailed and specific you make your lead source categories, the better you can analyze the results.

How to Create New Lead Source Category In SugarCRM?

Sign into Sugar as an administrator

1. Click on the link Admin to the top of the page

2. Move to the section Developer Tools and click on the link Studio

3. Click on the button Dropdown Editor

4. Choose the option lead_source_dom from the left panel

Add Edit or Delete the values from the right panel and select SAVE when completed.

How to add a lead source

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