SugarCRM Targets Module – How to Upload a List of New Targets

Use the Targets Module to track and manage targets as part of mass marketing campaigns. You can create many types of campaigns as described in Creating a Campaign.

A mass marketing campaign targets a large group of individuals or organizations. Therefore, the campaign process begins with identifying the targets. You can group multiple targets into a target list according to a set of predetermined criteria such as age group or spending habits.

You can associate a record with an existing campaign from Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities.

Creating and importing Targets

A target is an individual that you have some information on, but is not qualified as a lead or contact. Targets are stand-alone records that are not attached to contacts, leads, or opportunities.

You would create or import a target list, associate it with targets, and then associate it with a campaign. However, you can also create the campaign first and then associate it with a target list.

The general process is as follows:

To create a target
1. Select Create Target from the Actions bar on the Targets tab. Or, click the Create link in any Targets page.

Note: Targets are stand-alone records that are not attached to Contacts or Leads. If you plan to send emails to existing Contacts or Leads, you can skip the step below.

2. Enter information for the following fields in the Create (Targets) page:

Target Overview

  • First Name. Enter the target’s first name
  • Last Name. Enter the target’s last name
  • Title. Enter the designation of the target
  • Department. Enter the name of the department to which the target belongs
  • Account Name. Enter the name of the account related to the target
  • Office Phone. Enter the target’s work number
  • Mobile. Enter the target’s mobile phone number
  • Fax. Enter the target’s fax number
  • Address Information. Enter the address information in the Primary Address section and select the Copy address from left checkbox to copy it to the Alternate Address section.
  • Email address. Enter one or more emails addresses for the contact and select Primary. If an email address is incorrect, select Invalid to indicate it. If you sent out campaign emails this contact and the individual chose to opt-out of receiving them, select Opted Out.
  • To add an additional email address, click Add Address. You can add multiple email addresses.
  • Description. Enter a brief description of the target
  • More Information
  • Do Not Call. Select this box to add the target’s name to the Do Not Call list.
  • Other
  • Assigned to. Select the user who has ownership of the account related to the target.
  • Assigned to. Select the user who has ownership of the account related to the target.

3. Click Save. This displays the target’s Detail View page. You can now add the target to an existing target list. For more information, see .The target’s detail page displays the Campaign Log sub-panel which lists all the campaigns that were sent to the target.

How To Import A New Target List

Before you start the upload process you will need to convert your excel document with the list of intended targets for uploading into a csv file, and save it in an accessible area.

In the Targets Module – select Import Targets


Uploading a target list

Choose your file location – select what you would like to do with the imported data – next

You will then be taken to a screen view of the file properties, if it looks correct select – next

You will now have an opportunity to map the fields to the data, once completed select – next

Mapping Fields

Check possible duplicates – enter any field you would like to run a check on then select – Import now

The import can take up to a couple of minutes, depending on how large your list is.

Once the Import is complete you will be able to add your newly uploaded targets to a Target List

Add to target list

You will be prompted to select which Target List you would like to add the new Targets to.

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