Do you understand good sales forecasting? Get up to Speed with SugarCRM

Turning Data, Analysis and Process into a Realistic View of your Business’s Future

What is the most critical skill for you as a sales leader? You might think it is selling, but what good is selling without developing, understanding and analyzing your sales forecasts.

Mastering the art of forecasting will allow accurate sales forecasts to play a vital role in your business.  Not only will it give your sales team a target to shoot for but also allow the rest of your organization to gain great insight in the overall performance of the company.

Approaches to forecasting vary from business to business and from division to division. Some approaches rely on sales managers’ intuition while others follow a technology-driven process.

This complimentary White Paper clears away the clutter to help you:

  • Avoid the most common sales forecasting mistakes
  • Build accurate sales forecasts
  • Understand the best approach to better forecasting tools and methodologies
  • Use forecasts to coach your sales reps to more wins

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SugarCRM Sales goes well beyond traditional sales systems designed to force data entry. Sugar and empowers you to actually spend more time selling.  You will be able to spend more time focusing your energy on who matters most in your pipeline and managed accounts, what matters most, and when it matters.

Sugar will allow you to sell with improved focus. Use Sugar forecasts to help meet and beat your sales quotas.

Try out the unlimited “what if” scenarios before committing forecasts. You have the ability to see at-a-glance graphics for quota, quota achievement, and pipeline.

Sugar forecasts allows you to manage a team’s quotas and forecasts, at both the team and individual levels, with drill-down capability and fast inline editing.

SugarCRM Sales Forecasts

Why SugarCRM Sales Forecasts? Because Everyone Matters

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