Why Are Companies Selecting SugarCRM Over Salesforce.com?

Sugar VS Salesforce.com WebinarCRM is a hot topic in software right now. More and more companies are realizing that to provide great customer service, it is important to have the correct CRM system.

As a software reseller, Faye Business Systems Group (FayeBSG) devotes a large part of their time and business resources to assessing a variety of CRM systems that are suitable and financially viable for businesses worldwide.

It would have been easy to just select a well-established and familiar product like Salesforce.com,  but for FayeBSG, SugarCRM was the top contender. The decision to partner up with SugarCRM was based on numerous aspects; Cost Effectiveness; Customization, Features and Control.

We have found that the most common reasons that our clients choose SugarCRM over Salesforce.com, and the most visible issue regarding Salesforce.com are the complex pricing structure, the difficulty in integration systems and the lack of deployment control.

We believe Sugar is a great, flexible solution that can meet your existing needs and also help you grow into the future.   Sugar is the fastest growing CRM solution in the world and has recently won all kinds of awards for its capabilities and functionality.

Join us on Thursday May 16th or Wednesday May 22nd to see why companies are choosing SugarCRM over Salesforce.com.

Check out the attached Sugar vs. Salesforce feature comparison.   Some of the key factors to note include:

  • Sugar is open source and completely customizable and flexible.   There is nothing that Sugar cannot be made to do.  Salesforce requires you to use their proprietary tools and has limitations.
  • SugarCRM has no limitations to the number of custom modules and work flow.   Salesforce DOES have limits.
  • SugarCRM, through SugarExchange,  has more than 5,000 integrations with other applications, while Salesforce has fewer than 1,000.
  • Sugar can be hosted at Sugar, at any 3rdparty of your choice, or on your own servers.   Salesforce requires you to host in their data centers.
  • SugarCRM does weekly database backups, while Salesforce only does monthly backups  (they’ll charge you if you want to back up more frequently).
  • Sugar Professional comes with Free Mobile (for both looking up data and entering data).   Salesforce.com charges extra for the ability to enter data from a mobile device.
  • With SugarCRM, every customer has their own database.  In Salesforce, all users from all companies share one big database.
  • Sugar software pricing is dramatically lower than Salesforce.

Download this overview of Sugar vs. Salesforce