The Efficiency Of Life With SugarCRM

I have a sort of dependency on my phone….I would like to think of it as a healthy dependency, because it keeps my busy life organized. In this one little device I program my alarm each morning, schedule all of my appointments, meetings, track my workouts, have all of my contacts information neatly organized, check my personal and work emails, update my social media and take pictures. I am pretty sure my life would be in disarray without it.

Just as my phone keeps my busy life in check outside of work, I have an amazing tool to keep my life systematic while I am at work – welcome to CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management which means that you will know exactly the kind of service you are providing to your customers. How great is that? Their entire history, products, invoices, quotes and more can be pulled up just by typing in their name or the company name into the search field. No scrambling to try to remember when you had the last conversation with them or how your coworker is coming along on their project. All of the information to keep you efficient and the customer happy is right at your fingertips.

I love SugarCRM, it is my point of reference, my sanity check, and is so easy to use. If a customer calls, I can give them smooth and attentive service because everything I need to know is right on one screen. So, just as I obsess over making sure everything is accurate and up to date in my phone, SugarCRM allows me to do the same with work. Quick data entry allows for all of my teammates to be kept in the loop. It also allows me to run reports so I know who I need to contact and when. It’s about being proactive instead of reactive and having a smooth set of processes to keep my time productive. Yes, I use the software but more importantly I appreciate it. It is no secret that a customer that feels valued and appreciated will likely be a longstanding customer and that helps my job and our company’s bottom line. Now how could I not love that?

Oh, and I can use SugarCRM on my phone…. Now my life is really streamlined.