SugarCRM vs. the Rest When Selecting CRM to Integrate with Quickbooks. Scalability Matters.

One of the major advantages of Sugar vs. Method CRM or any one of the other Quickbooks specific CRM solutions out there is that Sugar can grow with an organization if it outgrows Quickbooks.   The challenge with something like Method or Results is that if an organization outgrows QB and moves to Sage or Intacct or something else, neither can be easily integrated or integrated at all with the new solution.     There are Sugar integrations for many of the “next level” software solutions, like Sage or Intacct.

We’re a big proponent of not implementing solutions with an end life or with a barrier to growth.    Some of the other lower end CRM solutions, while not less in dollars, are certainly less scalable.   Why would you go forward with a product that is limiting?   Sugar has a variety of deployment options (public cloud, private cloud, on premise), is incredibly flexible (internal drag and drop design tool, open source, etc.), integrates with Quickbooks, has an open marketplace of 3rd party add-ons for growth and integration, has hundreds and hundreds of out of the box features, and is cost effective (versions starting at $35/user/month).     Why box yourself into a corner?