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Join us today as SalesFUSION CMO, Kevin Miller discusses the benefits of Marketing Automation and how integrating your CRM will bridge the gap between your marketing and sales efforts.

The SalesFUSION Marketing Platform Features:

Email marketing solutions for business marketers.  SalesFUSION delivers powerful yet easy-to-use email marketing features including bulk email, drip email marketing, trigger & nurture based campaigns, superior deliverability and design & tracking capabilities. 
Landing pages and lead capture solutions allow even the most novice user to create beautiful and highly functional landing pages, lead capture forms and surveys either connected to their website or disconnected for use in PPC and online marketing campaigns. 
Website visitor tracking & analytics give our clients useful insight into who is on their website, how they got there and what they looked at during their visit.  Geoanalytics, and reverse IP technology allow you to identify both known and unknown visitors to your site. 
Lead scoring & lead management tools help your company bring marketing and sales efforts together by ensuring the appropriate handling of inbound leads.  Our lead analyzer product will effectively eliminate the problem of lead leakage and improve your capture to close rates. 
B2B social media marketing is growing in its importance and changing on a seemingly daily basis.  Our simple yet powerful social media publishing and tracking solutions will open up new channels for your marketing team and get your company started down the right path for social marketing. 
Event management solutions from SalesFUSION provides capabilities for managing both online and offline events.  From trade show/road show management to setup and tracking of online webinars, the event management platform (EventFUSION) will help you get the most out of your customer and prospect events. 
Marketing analytics from SalesFUSION combine pre-built campaign reports, ad-hoc report writing and marketing intelligence solutions, and management dashboards to help you ensure you are deriving the most benefit from your marketing spending. 
Direct mail & print marketing solutions from SalesFUSION allow you to generate direct mail pieces and apply QR codes to print media, linked to landing pages right from the marketing application.  Our integrated print solution ensures you can take advantage of traditional and online media. 
PPC and Search marketing solutions in SalesFUSION allow you to track and manage the keywords prospects are using to find you online.  In addition to SEO tools, you can also bring your PPC spending (Google AdWords) right into the marketing campaign management module of SalesFUSION to help you better manage your PPC spending to opportunity revenue. 

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