Introduction to SugarCRM Webinar Series

Are you new to CRM?

In this webinar series we are going to introduce you to what CRM is and why everyone should get on board.

The first of our series will explain why you need a CRM and why SugarCRM should be one of the solutions on top of your list.

The series will then walk you through the most basic principles and steps for getting started with SugarCRM.

Webinar One – Why CRM

  • Introduction to CRM
  • The benefits of a CRM
  • What is so good about SugarCRM
  • Integrating with other softwa

Webinar Two – Getting Started with Sugar

  • Logging into Sugar
  • Selecting Themes & Languages
  • Navigating & Personalize Sugar
  • Introduction to System Links

Webinar Three – Navigating Sugar

  • System Links
  • Global Search
  • Module Tabs
  • Quick Create Shortcuts

Webinar Four – Sugar Home Page

  • Centralized View
  • Dashlets
  • My Sugar Page
  • Sales Page
  • Marketing Page
  • Custom Page

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