Generating and Nurturing Leads with Marketing Automation Software Integrated with SugarCRM

One of the biggest issues faced by businesses all over the world today, is the alignment of sales and effectively automating a process to aid salespeople to guide prospects through the buying process. To be effective, this process needs to be easy for the sales team to leverage, the marketing department  to configure and adjust, and be transparent to the lead.

Marketing Automation has been designed to fill this requirement. Integrating Marketing Automation with CRM such as SugarCRM further enhances the nurturing and sales process.

SalesFUSION provides marketing automation software integrated with a number of different CRM Systems.  Integrating your CRM properly is a crucial part of your sales and marketing processes.  SalesFUSION is the industry leader in providing 100% pre-built integration between marketing automation and leading CRM systems.

We asked SalesFUSION CMO, Kevin Miller to show us how SalesFUSION works with SugarCRMThe video below is made up of the last part of the FayeBSG SalesFUSION Demonstration, where SalesFUSION CMO, Kevin Miller demonstrates the SalesFUSION SugarCRM Integration.

To watch the full SalesFUSION webinar click here


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