New to CRM? Find Out Why You Should Consider SugarCRM

By now you would have heard the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM)—but what exactly does it mean and how does it help you?

CRM itself is about building better customer relationships; A CRM strategy provides organizations with enhanced visibility and understanding into who their current and potential customers really are. Ultimately, these systems are designed to improve customer satisfaction.

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See why SugarCRM is the user’s CRM solution of choice by watching this short video.


As an open source CRM, SugarCRM can be customized and integrates with other software, an example of this is the QuickBooks SugarCRM Integration, designed to extend the functionality users have become accustomed to in the back office to the front office. The QuickBooks SugarCRM integration also allows for a single view of customer interactions with your company.

We invite you to join our upcoming webinar, where you will learn how sales teams can focus on the company profit objectives and provide an enterprise-wise, consistent view of customer activity and opportunities using QuickBooks and SugarCRM combined.

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