Creating and Managing Business Opportunities with SugarCRM

Why use SugarCRM to create and manage business opportunities?

To remain competitive in today’s market, businesses need to continuously source ways to expand and diversify their customer base. Generating new business opportunities through a variety of means is not only necessary but vital for the success of most companies today. There are numerous ways that new opportunities can be generated, some of these include: strategic business partnerships, expanding geographical reach , developing new products for specific markets, promoting a strong web presence and so forth.

Whichever path you take to generate and create new business opportunities, one thing is certain, without documenting and managing your new opportunities, you will be limiting your chances for success. SugarCRM is the perfect tool to manage all of your business opportunities, and see through to the end of the sale process.

How to Create and Manage Opportunities in SugarCRM

The Opportunities module allows you to create, manage sales opportunities (also known as qualified leads) and view all related records. The opportunities module is very customizable to track your sales process and pipeline. Your system administrator will define business processes and workflows to suit your company’s requirements.

Learn how to:

  • Search for an Opportunity and Related Accounts
  • Understand Creating Options
  • Create a New Opportunity from the Quick Create Dropdown Menu
  • Create an Opportunity from the Quotes and Leads Modules
  • Manage Opportunities
  • Edit, Delete, Duplicate Opportunities
  • Link Records to Opportunities


Search for an Opportunity and Related Accounts

Search for an existing opportunity and account before you create a new opportunity as a best practice to minimize duplicated records.  Each opportunity is related to an account, and multiple opportunities can be related to the same account.  Conduct a search based on your new opportunity and new or existing account information before creating the new opportunity.


Understand Creating Options

Opportunities can be created from:

  • The Create Opportunity link the Opportunities module tab hover menu.
  • The Create Opportunity quick form on the Quick Create Dropdown Menu.
  • The Create Opportunity from Quote button in the Quotes detail view.
  • The Create button in Opportunity sub-panels within Account and Contact records.
  • The Convert Lead button in the Leads detail view.


Create a New Opportunity from the Quick Create Drop-down Menu

Follow these steps to create an Opportunity from the Quick Create drop-down menu.

Step Action
1 Select Create Opportunity icon on the Quick Create drop-down menu.Result: The Create Opportunity quick create form displays.66_Quick_Create_Opportunity.png
2 Enter the Opportunity information. See the Field/Description table below for details of the key fields.Note: Your organization may have customized these fields to fit your sales process.

Field Description
Opportunity Name Enter a name for the opportunity.
Account Name Select the name of the account related to the opportunity.  You can choose an existing account or create a new account. This is a required field and must be completed in order to create an opportunity.
Expected Close Date Enter the estimated date of closing.
Quote Amount Enter the expected closing currency amount.
Next Step Enter the next step in closing the sale.
Sales Stage Choose the current stage of this opportunity from the drop-down list.  The selected Sales Stage determines the default value displayed in the Probability field.
Probability (%) Enter a percentage that represents your chance of closing the sale.Note:  This field will default to the value associated to the chosen Sales Stage, but can be changed manually.  Please follow the probability practices set forth by your company.
3 Click Save to save the new opportunity information, or Cancel to exit the record without saving the information.Result: The information is saved and the page that you were previously viewing is displayed.


Create an Opportunity from the Quotes and Leads modules

You can also create an opportunity from the Quotes and Lead modules:

  • Select “Create Opportunity from Quote” in the Action List on the quote record detail view.  This allows you to create a quote before you create an opportunity.  Once the opportunity is created, the records will be linked, OR
  • Select “Convert Lead” from the Action List on the lead record detail view.  This allows you to create an opportunity and link to the contact and account records created during the Convert Lead process.


Manage Opportunities 

From the Opportunities home page, you can update several opportunity records at once, as well as quickly link into the Edit view.  From the opportunity detail view you can create and link activities, contacts, quotes, projects, contracts, and threads for an opportunity. And from the edit view, you can edit the opportunity details.


Edit, Delete, and Duplicate Opportunities

The Opportunities detail view allows you to make changes to the record by selecting the Edit, Duplicate, or Delete buttons.

  • Edit: Select Edit to see the edit view and edit the record.
  • Duplicate: Select Duplicate to make a copy of the existing record to modify.
  • Delete: Select Delete to remove the record from the module.
    • Click Yes delete the record.
    • Click No to retain the record and return to the opportunity detail view.
  • Find Duplicates: Select Find Duplicates before creating new opportunity records to prevent have duplicate opportunities.

Note:  Your system administrator determines who has privileges to view, edit and delete records.  Please check with your system administrator to confirm your privileges.


Link Records to Opportunities

From the Opportunities detail view you can access sub-panels, including Activities, History, Leads, Contacts, Quotes, Projects, Contracts, and Threads.

You can add contacts, invite them to meetings, print out a summary of archived notes and activities for the meeting, and create quotes and contracts, all from the Opportunities sub-panels.

Records created from the sub-panels are automatically linked to the Opportunity; you can access them on one page through the Opportunities detail view.

Sub-panels are grouped by tabs and you can view all sub-panels or a specific group of sub-panels by selecting the appropriate tab. This allows you to see only sub-groups needed at the moment, such as sub-panels for Activities, History, and Contacts only.


How to Create and Manage Opportunities in SugarCRM video

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