An Introduction To The QuickBooks SugarCRM Integration

Join Faye Business Systems Group for a complimentary QuickBooks SugarCRM integration webinar on Friday, January 18th at 10 AM PST to learn how organizations can save time and money by integrating QuickBooks accounting software with SugarCRM.

During this webcast you will learn 4 ways to save time and money with the QuickBooks SugarCRM integration:

  • Get Orders Entered More Timely into QuickBooks
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Entry
  • Eliminate Need for Expanding QuickBooks User Licenses by Seeing ERP Data in SugarCRM
  • View QuickBooks ERP Data in the Cloud and on mobile devices through SugarCRM

Faye Business Systems Group created the QuickBooks SugarCRM integration to address the growing demand QuickBooks users have for an integrated CRM solution.

The QuickBooks SugarCRM integration extends the functionality users have become accustomed to in the back office to the front office. The QuickBooks SugarCRM integration also allows for a single view of customer interactions with your company.

During the webinar, you will learn how sales teams can focus on the company profit objectives and provide an enterprise-wise, consistent view of customer activity and opportunities using QuickBooks and SugarCRM combined.

Faye Business Systems Group, Inc.