SugarCRM Version 6.6 Release Summary

See the NEW Features and Benefits within the SugarCRM Version 6.6 Release

SugarCRM continues to update and revise their CRM software to include fixes, additional functions and features that are going to benefit the end users.

In the Sugar Portal

  • Improved user experience and faster interactions with new interface look
  • and feel
  • More effective communication with users, who can create notes and upload attachments to append to a case or bug
  • Additional configuration options for a more tailored portal experience
  • Enhanced branding via the new theme editor with logo support
  • Faster portal updates with support for real-time changes: no more syncing
  • Better support with new global search
  • Enriched user interactions supported by advanced user interface libraries
  • Support for internationalization: portal UI is rendered in user’s preferred language


The PDF Manager

  • New selectable templates make it easier for sales reps to share data with prospects and customers
  • Pre-configured quote and invoice templates for increased productivity
  • Improved sales efficiency with automatically generated PDF documents: sales reps can click to download or email documents to clients from within Sugar (no need to cut and paste into a Word document, convert to PDF, then attach to an email)
  • Better support of sales objectives and company branding with custom PDF document templates that can be designed by system administrators
    • Create custom templates using a flexible HTML editor, for any module that appears in Studio, including quotes and custom modules
    • Produce more compelling documents with support for custom formatting, fonts, colors, and images including company logos
    • Standardize documents and support company branding with letterhead templates, including custom logos, headers, and footers
    • Include data from any object in the system. For example, an invoice can include custom quote data (product line items, custom quote fields) in a template pre-formatted with terms and conditions.


Other Features

  • Improved management of recurring meetings and calls within the Calls and Meetings module; no longer just in Calendar
  • Faster meeting and call creation with new search by accounts for contacts and leads (account search returns all contacts under an account)
  • Full text search now notifies administrators of the status of indexing


Key Messages – Key Takeaways

  • Significantly enhanced support portal
    • Sugar’s support portal has a new interface that’s faster and easier to use and provides users with a better experience
    • The support portal’s new platform and new APIs provide a faster, more interactive user experience
    • Support portal customization improves branding, with the theme editor and logo support
    • The capability to attach notes and files to cases and bugs improves communication and speeds resolution
  • New PDF manager
    • Sugar’s enhanced PDF manager adds value by supporting sales communication and enhancing branding. Included templates for quotes and invoices get users off to a fast start. The PDF manager adds the capability to modify the included templates and create new customized templates.
  • Fit and finish enhancements reflect Sugar’s continuous improvement, making frequently-performed tasks faster and more convenient:
    • Enhancements to Meetings and Calls include support for recurring meetings and calls (no longer just in the Calendar module)
    • Faster creation of meetings and calls as users can now search for contacts and leads within accounts
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