SugarCRM Set Up Your Web To Lead Forms

Creating Web-to-Lead Forms

Automating your Web-to-Lead forms will save you from having to manually enter your online and email campaign leads into your CRM system.

With SugarCRM you can create a Web-to-Lead form to capture leads from Web-based campaigns or other Web-based sources such as your Website. When campaign targets submit the form, it is saved as lead information in the Sugar database. You can use this lead information to generate more opportunities for your organization.

When you generate a Web-to-Lead form, it is saved to the cache/generated_forms folder, from where you can copy it to other locations. You can view and edit generated forms in the TinyMCE editor. Only administrators can add additional fields to the form.

To create a lead form

1. Select Create Lead Form from the Actions bar on the Campaigns tab.

2. Click and drag the desired fields from the Available Fields list to the Leads Form (First Column) or the Leads Form (Second Column) list.

This displays the Lead Form Wizard page.

To move all the fields, click Add All Fields.

3. Click Next.

4. Enter information for the following fields:

Form Header. The default header displays. You can delete it and enter the desired header information.

Submit Button Label. The default label displays on the page. You can delete it and enter the desired label.Form Description. Enter a brief description of the form.

Post URL. The default location where the lead information will be stored displays on the page. To edit this information, select the Edit post URL? box and then enter the new location.

Redirect URL. Enter the URL to the page that you would like your leads to view after submitting their information. If you do not specify a URL, Sugar will display a “Thank you for your Submission” message.

Related Campaign. Enter the name of the campaign that is related to this lead form. To select from the Campaigns list, click Select.

Assigned to. Enter the name of the individual you want to assign to the record or click Select to choose from the User List. By default, this record is assigned to you.

Form footer. Enter the form footer, if needed.

5. Click Generate Form.

6. To save the form, you can do on of the following:

This displays the form in the TinyMCE editor. Modify the form if needed and click Save Web To Lead Form.

Copy and paste the HTML from the box to a text file on your local machine.

For On-Premise Sugar systems, the system saves it in the cache/generated_forms folder on the Sugar server. You can copy it from the cache to a different location.

To save the generated form as a .htm file on your local machine, you can right-click Web to Lead Form, open the page in a new tab, select Save Page As from the browser’s File menu and navigate to the location where you want to save it.

7. To view the form, click the Web To Lead Form link at the top of the page.