Creating Tracker Redirect URLs in SugarCRM

Tracking URL and Opt-outs through SugarCRM is an important marketing tools and one that should be used within you email marketing campaigns. Find the instruction below:

A campaign email can contain not only the campaign message but also images and links. Links can direct targets to other URLs such as an external website or a.php file on your system.

You can create an Opt-out tracker URL to embed a “Unsubscribe” link that enables targets to unsubscribe themselves from your campaign mailing list. When targets click on the Opt-out link, the system logs the action for your records.

You can use one or more tracker URLs in your campaign emails to track the response to your campaign. The system generates a unique key for each URL and recipient and associates it with the email template. When recipients open the email and click on a URL link, the system uses the unique key identifier to track their action.

The Status page displays a Recipient Activity bar chart listing actions, such as Viewed Message and Opted Out. You can drill down the chart to view the list of recipients who performed a specific action. For more information, see Viewing Campaign Status.

Note:   Before you create a campaign email, check with your system administrator to ensure that the outbound email process is configured to send emails from your system.


To create a tracker redirect URL

1. On the Campaign’s detail page, scroll down to the Tracker URLs sub-panel, and click Create.

2. On the Campaign Trackers page, enter information for the following fields:

Tracker Name. Enter a tracker name for your reference; use alpha-numeric characters.

Tracker URL. Enter the tracker URL; for example,

Opt-out Link? Select this box to embed your Unsubscribe instructions in a tracker URL. By default, the system uses the removeme.php file which contains these instructions, and displays this file name in the Tracker URL field.

3. To create the campaign tracker, click Save; click Cancel to exit the page without saving your changes.


Sugar generates the tracker URL and displays it as “URL for Campaign Message”.

You can now insert this tracker URL into an email template of your choice. To create an email template containing tracker URLs, access the Email Template Editor from within an Email Marketing record. For more information on email templates, see Creating Email Templates.