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As a Sage Software Certified Developer, Faye Business Systems Group has authorized access to Sage 100 ERP source code, which allows us to accomplish anything your company requires from the Sage software. This includes everything from developing entirely new, custom modules for clients, to integrating Sage with complex third party applications. Over the years, FBSG has developed over 3,000 Sage enhancements for a majority of the available modules.

Faye Business Systems Group Expertise and Services:

  • Sage Software Value Added Reseller and Master Developer.
  • Dedicated Sage  software support staff.
  • Certified consultants with years of experience to assist you from software implementation to product development to report building.
  • 1,000s of Sage  enhancements under our belt.

Sage  Supported Functions
The Sage 100 ERP family of software offers a variety of modules to assist in the management of your business. Sage 100 ERP are solutions that a small to medium-sized business may choose to take advantage of because of the variety of business management functions that this software package includes.

FBSG is experienced in MAS  support of the following functions:

  • Accounting operations
  • Operations
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Time Tracking
  • Vendor Services
  • Specialized needs of various industries, including manufacturing
  • and more….


Assess Accounting Software Needs

Over the years the consultants at Faye Business Systems Group have met with many business executives in the Los Angeles area who know they’re not getting everything they need from their financial and business systems. Some of these executives feel that their systems can be enhanced, others feel like their systems should be replaced entirely. But, these executives are stuck: they don’t know the next step. This “next step” is our specialty.

FBSG’s accounting software consultants have been brought into many environments to help figure out how to take that next step. Sometimes this involves a review of existing systems. During this process, we evaluate the available computer accounting software in the marketplace for its applicability to a particular business.

Other times we perform what we call a “needs assessment” to figure out what the business truly needs and determine whether or not the existing accounting software is actually supporting the overall goals of the business.

How many business people truly look at their software as an asset and as something that can enhance the profitability of the business? It’s time to take a long look at your current software setup and find out if it’s pulling its weight. Proper accounting software can make a world of difference in company profits.

The Big Four:

  1. Increase Revenues
  2. Decrease Costs
  3. Increase Market Share
  4. Enhance Company Morale

If your existing systems aren’t helping to address one of the big four business needs, then we believe the systems aren’t doing their jobs. They must help in one of these ways. We work with our clients to make sure they do.

Implement Technology Solutions

After new software is selected by our clients, we help our clients implement it. This is a process we perform very thoroughly: there is little sense in buying software if it is not going to be implemented correctly.

No matter the software our clients have chosen to use – Sage 100 ERP, MAS 500, Sage CRM, SugarCRM, Quickbooks, or one of a number of other packages – our consultants offer knowledge and support.

The implementation process is very detailed and includes planning (typically this is the most critical part), installation of the software, software configuration, staff training, data conversion, enhancements or upgrades, reports production, form development, testing, and a variety of other tasks. Each of these tasks is instrumental for a successful software launch.

In addition to simply implementing software, we also customize this implementation. Customized computer software is personalized for the unique needs and desires of your company.

Generally, software is developed for the masses. This would be fine if every company had the same wants and requirements and was producing the same service or product. But, since all companies are different, software must adapt to them. Our consultants can help you customize and enhance your software so that it fits with your business like a key to a lock.

At Faye Business Systems Group, Inc., we believe a successful implementation can be demonstrated by simply asking one question: “Is your business better off with this software?” Our consultants work to make this answer, “Yes.”

After the software is implemented, our job is not over. We offer substantial and ongoing support in the Los Angeles area. This includes MAS 90 Support, MAS 200 Support, Sage CRM support, MAS 500 support, and support for the many other types of software we implement.   In addition to ongoing ad hoc support, we also offer unlimited annual support contracts for accounting software support.

The goals of the Sage products are to make accounting, distribution, warehouse management, manufacturing, personnel management, project management and customer relations easier and more concise. The goals of our consultants are to assure these Sage products, and any other product your business uses, are not only working, but working for you. Successful software, in our eyes, is not simply software that correctly functions, but also software that helps your company succeed.

If your business is in the Los Angeles area and needs guidance selecting and implementing accounting software, give us a call today and see how we can help get your business on the path to easier, more effective solutions.

Give us a call today and see how we can help make your software, your business, and your employees more effective and more efficient at 818 227 5130. Come see why optimized software leads to optimized businesses.