Keep your Google account secure with two-factor authentication

If you use the same password for multiple websites or applications, or if you sign into these applications using a public or shared computer, these actions weaken your password and make it easier to steal. Google now offers an optional two-step verification. The new feature greatly improves password protection. In order to sign in to your account, the feature requires two things:

Something you know (Your password)
And something you own (Your phone)

If you’re a Chase customer or a customer of a bank that uses this technology, you should be fairly familiar with the two-step verification. Here’s how it works:

When setting up two-step verification, you have the option to receive a verification code via a call or text. Once you activate two-step verification (The below Youtube video walks you through activation), navigate to your Google accounts page and sign in with your email and password. Upon signing in, Google will automatically text or call you with a verification code. Google will then prompt you to enter the code. Simply enter that code and select whether or not you want the particular machine to be a trusted device. If you select the machine as a trusted device, you will never have to enter the code again.

With cyber-crime rising faster than ever before, it is incredibly important to use two-factor authentication for as many applications as possible. You will have to verify multiple devices and multiple applications, which can be tedious and annoying, but having your data completely secure undoubtedly pays off in the long run.

For more details on Google’s new 2-step verification video, see the video demonstration below: