SugarCRM Guidelines for On-Site Hardware Size Requirements

Are you hosting your SugarCRM on-site? It is vital that your system can cope to avoid any performance issues. Information on hardware requirements can be found here.

Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise are designed to scale without needing significant additional resources. Internal tests have shown that a single high power server with eight 86×64 CPU cores, 16GB of RAM and enterprise storage running the entire application stack (Sugar application, PHP, web server and database server) can support up to 400 of concurrent Sugar users.

These sizing guidelines are based upon scalability testing performed using routine tasks, such as viewing records and occasional editing of records, with minimal use of the Sugar reporting module. More resource-intensive use of the system may result in a noticeable decrease in system performance.

Download the PDF to see the:

  • Guidelines for Single Server, Virtualized, and Cloud Server Deployments
  • Guidelines for High Availability and Large Scale Deployments