Seven Advantages And Disadvantages Of Implementing A CRM Solution [2nd Edition]

Customer relationship management (CRM), is now available for every business, no longer does the excuse ‘but my business is too small’ cut it. It is easier today for small businesses to find CRM systems that meet their needs and fit within their budgets than it ever has been. Implementing a program such as SugarCRM or any other CRM software may take some planning, but using a professional consulting company will make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

In our original post we listed the following 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Implementing a CRM Solution:


1. Starting with a clean slate
2. Already have customer relationships to use as models 
3. Fewer regulatory issues to limit CRM choices 
4. In a better position to grow use of CRM as their company grows


1. Limited budget
2. Limited manpower 
3. Lack of technical expertise

In our 2nd Edition of this post we explain what small business CRM means and provide a list of 7 advantages and disadvantages implementing CRM will bring.

Paving the way for increasing use of smart phones to access customer data, both inside and outside the business. SugarCRM can also aid small business in coping with two divergent customer trends— social media and mobile technology. With a CRM strategy in place, social media data can further aid in creating a portrait of the customer.

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