Sales Forecasting With SugarCRM. A Sensible Way To Increase Productivity.

Turning Data, Analysis and Process into a Realistic View of your Business’s Future with SugarCRM Sales Forecasting.

Sales forecast plays a vital role in all businesses. The goal is to not only give your sales team a target to aim for but also to give the your company a basis for planning future activities. If critical data is missing from this equation, getting the forecast right will be flawed.

For the delivery of an accurate forecast, you need to collect the relevant data and apply that  data to create numbers that make sense. It sounds simple in theory but doing this manually can be a long drawn-out and daunting process, with human oversight a very real  possibility, that will flaw your results. It can however be a simple process if using the correct tools to do so.

This white paper walks you through the the steps of how to deliver accurate forecasts—and touches on how CRM can help by serving as a repository and collection tool for critical sales data. You can make forecast simultaneously, more easily and accurately.

Find out:

  • Who Needs a Sales Forecast?
  • Forecasting Ingredients
    1. The Sales Pipeline
    2. Past data
    3. Data from the Field
    4.  Managers’ Intuition
  • Pulling the Forecast Together
  • How CRM Helps with Forecasting
  • Forecasting Foibles

Download the full Sales Forecasting: Turning Data, Analysis and Process into a Realistic View of your Business’s Future white paper written by Chris Bucholtz

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