Sage MAS 90 (aka Sage 100) Integration with Axys Portfolio Management Software

Axys from Advent Software is one of the leading Portfolio Management Software packages in the world, used by a large percentage of the world’s money managers.   Sage MAS 90 (now known as Sage 100) is one of the leading accounting software packages in the world.     I’m really proud of our team for recently completing this great project for one of our clients where we integrate MAS 90 with Axys in order to automate the invoicing process.

In this scenario, Axys generates the invoices to the firm’s clients.   The organization’s controller would then manually re-enter the 500 or so invoices each month into MAS 90 in order to track them for accounts receivable purposes.    In addition to the crazy amount of time this takes, the error factor was high.   Even the best data entry person could make more than a few errors out of 500 entries.

Enter our integration.

Working with some of the Axys technical folks, we coordinated the output of a streamlined file containing all of the invoice detail.   We then created import routines using the MAS 90 Visual Integrator Module (with some tweaking by programmers) to automate the import of that file into MAS 90.   Woila!    The time was reduced in each billing period from two to three days to 10 – 15 minutes, excluding any manual adjustments that need to be made to the invoices.

This is one of the things that we strive to achieve with technology.     Reducing the time and increasing the accuracy of mundane, repetitive office tasks.     Kudos to our team!