SugarCRM 6.5 is out! Have you upgraded?

We’re really excited about the new look and feel of SugarCRM! Have you heard the buzz regarding Sugar 6.5? If you haven’t upgraded or evaluated 6.5, below are some key things to consider.

Brand New User Interface:

Three navigation bars at the top have now been condensed to one. The benefits?

Easier to navigate (Less time navigating, more time working).
Less screen space for navigating means more screen space for relevant customer information.

You now also have a footer option in SugarCRM which can display any integrated applications. The footer is collapsible. This is helpful because now users who don’t have access to the module loader can now see which integrations are available for use.

SugarCRM now has user notifications in the navigation bar similar to how Facebook notifies users. You know, the red “1” you see when someone laughs at your status, comments on a picture. etc. can now be utilized in Sugar. Facebook notifications always grab your attention, right? That’s why Sugar added that functionality.

Better Performance:

  • Faster page loads
  • Shorter response times

The brand new Sugar interface is supported by a much faster platform. Shorter response time and faster page loads results in getter productivity.

Better Calendar:

Are you frustrated by not being able to schedule recurring meetings or recurring calls? Do you want to be able to change the duration of a meeting with an easy to use drag and drop interface? Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you upgrade to version 6.5.

You also have the ability to set an end date for recurring meetings/calls, and send email reminders prior to meetings to help streamline your meeting process.

SugarCRM now supports the ICalendar standard, which means you can sync your calendar with other popular ICalendar-compatible email clients such as:

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple iCal
  • Yahoo! Calendar
  • Mozilla Thunderbird


Global search is now much more flexible. Your Sugar administrator can designate specific modules (including custom modules) for global search. Your administrator can change the settings at any time to reflect any changes in your company’s business processes.

Full Text Search allows you to find the exact text you’re looking for right away. Sugar’s quick search view allows you to get a brief view of your search without having to navigate away from your current screen. You can also enable full text search on specific fields within a module.

Searching SugarCRM is now very similar to searching in your favorite search engine: Fast, easy, intuitive, and predictable.

With the new look and feel of SugarCRM, this is by far the most exciting SugarCRM update yet. Have any questions on the features? Don’t know how to upgrade your SugarCRM instance? Want to see a demonstration? Contact us with any questions or comments.