Six Reasons Why to Upgrade from SugarCRM Community Edition to Professional Edition

Purchasing and implementing  new software isn’t and shouldn’t be a permanent business solution. To be successful in business and to receive successful results from your business software and solutions, you need to focus on regular maintenance of the software and continuous upgrading and updating of your software.

If you are currently a SugarCRM Community Edition user, it could be the perfect time for you to upgrade to the Professional Edition.

With many additional features and functions the professional addition would be a valuable business investment.

Some of the features that you would gain by upgrading to the Professional Edition include:


  1. Matrix Reports
  2. Dashboards
  3. Customer Profiles
  4. Marketing Analytics
  5. Pipeline of sales


  1. Assign and edit quotas
  2. Plug-ins for Microsoft Office
  3. Quotes & Contracts
  4. Mobile
  5. Data Merge
  6. Knowledge Base


  1. Workflow Management
  2. Teams
  3. Administrative module
  4. Access Control
  5. Data Quality Control
  6. On-Demand or On-Site