SugarCRM Lead Conversion – Migrating Custom Field Data


Every customer collects different data from their prospects, and as such you probably created some custom fields in studio to store that information. Now that you are ready to convert that lead to a contact you are probably wondering how to make the “magic” happen – that is, to have the data in these fields migrate over like many of the stock fields do.


From within studio you simply create a custom field in the contacts module for every field you already created in the leads module which you would like to convert. The only caveat is: the field names must match in content and case. Or to say it another way: the matching mechanism used during conversion is case sensitive.

In short:

  • myNewField_c on Leads will map to myNewField_c on Contacts
  • mynewfield_c on Leads will NOT map to myNewField_c on Contacts