SugarCRM Intacct Integration brings Best of Breed Solutions Together

We’re really excited to announce our SugarCRM Intacct Integration this week in time for SugarCon, the annual SugarCRM Trade Show and Conference.     Our software integrates the two leading “best of breed” cloud applications – Sugar in the CRM world and Intacct in the accounting and ERP space.    Now companies have an alternative to some of the “one size fits all” applications out there that purport to do everything, but ultimately aren’t necessarily great at anything.

The current version of the integration has been built to support synchronization in any one of three ways – via scheduler, via a manual bulk sync, or via one record at a time sync’ing.   Integrations currently included in the SugarCRM Intacct software include customers, inventory, quotes, sales orders, contacts, and sales history.   Sugar users will now be able to efficiently and easily send data to and receive data from Intacct ERP.   The Quote to Cash process becomes seemless as users can enter quotes and sales orders in Sugar, and either via scheduling or with the click of a button, that data can be available in Intacct.  Future versions will include additional syncs as well as the ability to implement custom mapping as needed.   We’re planning on being able to demonstrate the integration in detail at SugarCon next week, and naturally are available to demonstrate the software online at any time as well.

Contact us for more information or check out the official press release here.