Mobile CRM for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad

Gone are the days when everyone operated from one central the office location. Now with the technology available today, from mobile devices to wireless services, people are able to manage their work while on the go.

These technologies eliminate the necessity for a salesperson to return to the office as they can access the information they require and input information through their mobile device. With the ability to input the data they need, access reports, and check their E-mail can be done from a car, a plane, at a client meeting, while out at lunch or pretty much any location that their mobile device allows.

SugarCRM is raising the bar and setting a new standard in Mobile CRM. Stay in touch while on-the-go with Sugar Mobile functionality. Sugar offers smartphone and tablet access that is hassle-free so you can continue to work away from the office.

Download this Forrester White Paper on the Right way to implement Mobile

SugarCRM offers customers three mobile CRM options:

      • Sugar Mobile Browser on tablets: iPadSugar Mobile Browser
        • Access Sugar from any smartphone using the mobile browser.
        • Access Sugar from any tablet using the mobile browser.
        • Included in all CRM subscriptions.
      • Sugar Mobile for iPhone and Android smartphonesSugar Mobile
        • Access Sugar from a smartphone using a native application.
        • Available today for Android and iPhone and included in all CRM subscriptions.
      • Sugar Mobile Plus for BlackBerry smartphonesSugar Mobile Plus
        • Access Sugar from a smartphone or tablet using a native application with offline sync capabilities, which also stores a copy of the CRM data securely on the mobile device.
        • Available for BlackBerry, iPad, and iPhone.
        • Included in Sugar Corporate, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Ultimate subscriptions, available as an a-la-carte add-on with Sugar Professional.

Offline Client

In addition, subscribers to Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate also get access to the Sugar Offline Client, allowing them access to their customer data from their computer when not connected to the Internet. Sugar will automatically update any changes made when they connect to the network.

Sugar mobile solutions translate to less downtime and greater productivity.

    • Improve sales productivity with mobile access solutions
    • Access Sugar from any smartphone or tablet
    • Work offline and update Sugar information automatically when you return to the network
    • Implement mobile functionality quickly and simply across all Sugar deployment options